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Our Focus

Our focus is to expand the vocabulary of our readers, while promoting personal, ministry, and business growth. In addition, to encourage the expression of God-given creativity by sharing gifts and talents with others. The goal being to develop members, propelling them into there destiny.As the founder it is my desire to see all who we encounter, take away something that will unction them to seek out the hidden treasure inside, bring it forth and share it.


The Birth Of Word In Script

Word in Script was birthed out of a Word received in prayer in 1998 by Minister Denise Marshall, who immediately began to write. The scripture base was Psalm 68:11 ”The Lord gave the word; great was the company  of thoes who published it.” As she reflected on God having given words to her to get across to others, also that there was to be company (a group), she and a few friends met, prayed, read, discussed views,understanding an beliefs, and all that came to mind, thus Word in Script came into being. Of course, after much trial and error, success and failure, it was impressed upon her heart to expand the group beyond the few, that had disconnected after a few years. This is the Word in Script being offered to you today.


Our Founder

Minister Denise Marshall, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been writing from a very young age, beginning with poems to her family. Encouraged by her late maternal grandmother Mrs Vermell Lee (Montessouri School Teacher) she learned to "write in the dark". so that she would not loose the thoughts she received in her dreams. Throughtout school, Minister Marshall excelled in writing, completing "A" papers repeatedly in just one draft. She soon realized that this was not by chance, but God given. Minister Marshall has written several books, copywritten poems and cards, she has designed church bulletins, and she has also been a part of the editorial staff for Code U. Her poem specifically written for nurses "A Hands Touch" was featured in Code U while working in the Moses Cone Health System. Minister Marshall is an advocate for education and literacy, believing that "the mind of man is the center of destiny" and has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Theology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

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"I Would Like To Challenge You All"...

I challenge you all to read, learn, search, and express who you are and share it with others. The Word of God says in Acts 2:17 "In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy". I believe that included in these sons and daughters that prophesy, there is a remnant that is assigned to do so in the written form. "Prophetic Writers" and "Warrior Writers" who will "Write The Vision"  and make it plain upon tablets, that they that readeth it may run! Habakkuk 2:2 "Be Encouraged and Write your Vision!!" Much Love to you All! Minister Denise Marshall